Oldoinyo Lengai

Mountain of God

Rising majestically from the Great Rift Valley floor to a height of 2890m, the volcano, which is still active, makes a challenging climbing experience for those fit enough to undertake it. On its own or part of our overland trek, hiking Lengai is an amazing experience.

This is a very demanding trek, which starts around 2am in the morning so as to avoid the fierce midday heat. There is no shade on the mountain, and the terrain underfoot consists of scree, lava and volcanic ash, with steep furrows and gullies to negotiate. At the summit, there are two craters (one of which is still active) which can be explored with due care, and the views across the Great Rift Valley and towards Lake Natron, and towards Mt Kilimanjaro are breathtaking at sunrise. This trek is recommended for serious trekkers in good physical condition. A large water intake and a sunhat are strongly advised.

Ngorongoro – Ol Doinya Lengai Overland Trek

For an adventurous trekker this overland trek takes you on a spectacular five-day hike through some of Tanzania’s best scenery to Ol Doinyo Lengai: the Mountain of God and an active volcano with a constantly changing summit.

Join us for that once-in-a-lifetime experience in the heart of Maasai land. Walk through Maasai villages and houses (manyattas); learn about the Maasai traditions, culture and how they live. Throw in some of the world’s most dramatic volcanic scenery, and the sight of thousands upon thousands of flamingos in Lake Natron and you’re guaranteed to have your breath taken away more than once. The trek ends with an optional night ascent of Tanzania’s only active volcano, Ol Doinyo Lengai, a holy mountain for the Maasai people, to witness the sun rise over the distant Kilimanjaro and mighty Rift Valley.

This is a fully assisted trekking package. While walking you’ll be accompanied by armed rangers and Maasai warriors for your safety. Porters and donkeys will carry your luggage; you will only carry a light daypack yourself. You will also be supported by a 4WD vehicle at the beginning and end of your trek.

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