The Roof Top of Africa

The world famous peak of Mt Kilimanjaro dominates the climbing agenda in northern Tanzania, but many other opportunities exist for the intrepid climber.  At Tembotamu we specialise in Mt Kilimanjaro climbs and our spectacular Crater Highlands trekking package.

We also offer packages to visit other areas and can customise a trip for you as part of your safari.  Or create a entirely new experience for you, including treks in the:

  • The foothills of Kilimanjaro and the plains of West Kilimanjaro
  • The hot, dry grasslands and forested ravines of the Crater Highlands
  • The sheer volcanic cliffs of Mt Meru’s crater
  • The steep peak of Mt Hanang and plains home to the Barabaig and Iraqw
  • The lush cool Usambara Mountains, with wide vistas and local village experience
  • The Lonely Planet’s Trekking in East Africa guide book is an excellent source of information on these climbing and trekking options.

Kilimanjaro Packages


Come climb the Roof of Africa, the worlds tallest free-standing volcano. with us. Kilimanjaro climbs are our specialty, and as part of our package, we provide you with the following:

Experienced and Respected Guides

A nights’ accommodation both before and after your climb at our B&B

Helpful and Friendly Porters

Pre-climb day treks can be arranged for those who want to do some in-country preparation.

Tipping advice

A great cook who makes the most of the unique conditions

Assistance with climb preparation including information on gear requirements, assistance with gear hireage, and advice collected from personal experience and the experience of other clients

Coca Cola Route .... Marangu

5 days, 64km, bunkhouse accommodation
  • This is the most popular route due to it being cheaper and easier technically. On this route you will experience wonderful views of Mawenzi, the jagged peak of the Kilimanjaro mountain complex, whilst staying in bunkhouses. This route uses the Kibo Hut Route via Gillman’s Point Trial to each Uhuru Peak. You descend the mountain using the same route.

Whiskey Route ... Machame

6 or 7 days, 61 km, camping accommodation
  • Fast becoming the most popular route, Machame offers a wonderful climb through the various vegetation and landscape types on the mountain. This route usually uses the Barafu Route via Stella Point to reach Uhuru Peak. However you can choose to use the daunting Western Breach Route. You descend the mountain using the Mweka Route. In some parts the route can be demanding but it’s not technical. Campsites on the route offer fantastic views over Mt Meru.

Longer .... Lemosho

7 or 8 days, 67 km, camping accommodation
  • This routes approaches the mountain from the West across the Shira Plateau, and open moorland. The Lemosho route is the third most popular route on the mountain and begins with a walk in the forest before getting to the moorland giving more time to acclimatize. After passing through the moorlands, you link up with the Machame Route and continue on your way.

Relaxing Rongai

6 days, 54 km, camping accommodation:
  • Approaching from the North, this route is home to wildlife and fauna unlikely to be seen on the other routes: colobus monkey, possibly elephants, night civet cat, olives, junipers, lobelias and giant groundsels. The attraction of this route is its unpopularity, you may be the only group the route. However, the final ascent is via Gillman’s Point to reach Uhuru Peak and the descent is via the Marangu Route, so you will meet other climbers.

Ultimate Umbwe

6 days, 48 km, camping accommodation
  • The Umbwe Route is regarded as the hardest route up the Mountain: not because it is technical, but because it is the steepest. The route also has some of the most spectacular and dramatic views on the Mountain. This route usually uses the Barafu Route via Stella Point to reach Uhuru Peak. Or you can chose to use the daunting Western Breach Route. You descend the mountain using the Mweka Route.

Kilimanjaro Foothills Trek

5-7 days
/detailed itinerary and price available upon request
  • Explore the land of the Chagga by foot. Heading clockwise around the mountain, indulge in the wonderful scenery under the backdrop of the Kilimanjaro complex. After experiencing the welcoming Chagga culture, move onto plains of West Kilimanjaro for some wildlife and Maasai land experiences. This trek is assisted by a 4WD vehicle and your accommodation is a mixture of basic camping, homestay and a tented camp.

A Day on Kilimanjaro

If you are only in Tanzania for a short amount of time, or are not quite ready to tackle the summit of Africa’s largest mountain, a day hike up Mt Kilimanjaro is for you. Our day hike takes you to Mandara Hut, on the Marangu Route, and a little further to the Maundi crater where you will have a nice view of Mawenzi peak and Kibo( Uhuru) peak.  Walking through the rainforest, you are likely to see black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, and definitely flowers like impatients kilimanjari, Fireball lily ,Protea kilimanjarica, lobelia deckenii and many different birds.  A great family option for those with children who want to also experience the magic of being on the Roof of Africa.

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