One of the strengths of TemboTamu B&B is their family-oriented style and a part has to do with the diverse paintings and sculptures you will find in their rooms and in their house. Sometimes the guests ask where did they bought the art. When you walk through Moshi town, you can find them in diverse souvenirs shops. Also outside of town, art isn’t that far away.

In my first week I visited Tinga Tinga with Frank and Allen, a local guide who lives in the area of Kiboriloni. This craft market is located next to Taifa Road and all the shops together seems like an open gallery. As a ‘mzungu’, all the artists want to draw you attention to come inside and buy something of their shop. Every art item seems not very original and all the same. Yet it’s tempting to watch what every stall keeper has to offer. Personally I like to see how they make these art pieces are made. Paintings, pillow sheets, clothes, wooden sculptures, art work made of banana leaves and Tanzanian games are just a small selection of the entire collection. Feel free to take a look yourself: maybe you’ll see these guys at work.

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