Southern Tanzania is home the two best game parks: Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park. These are two of the country’s largest, most pristine, and most remote game reserves and are known as the Southern Circuit. A fly-in safari allows you to link your Northern Circuit Safari, with these two amazing wildlife areas, and then on to Zanzibar for a well earned relaxing time on the beach.

Ruaha National Park

Ruaha offers excellent wildlife viewing and is particularly good for spotting predators, including very large prides of lions and the endangered wild dogs. Several antelope species that are rare or absent in Northern Tanzania, like greater and lesser kudu, roan and sable antelopes, are often encountered. The park has outstanding wilderness appeal, with only a few exclusive luxury camps available.



  • Best time to go: June to October
  • High Season: June to October (Ruaha rarely experiences crowding at any time)
  • Low Season: April and May (many lodges close)
  • Best Weather: June to October (rains are extremely uncommon)
  • Worst Weather: March and April (wet season)


  • Wildlife is easier to spot as the animals gather around rivers and water holes.
  • Skies are bright with almost no rain.
  • The heat is less overpowering and it is not as humid.
  • Dust and dryness is common.
  • Many accomodations are closed in May


  • The scenery is green and full.
  • Tourism is less  during April and May. That means fewer crowds and better rates.
  • The arrival of migrating birds makes for birdwatching at its finest.
  • Roads become impassible.
  • Heat is high and it becomes steamy and damp.
  • Many accommodations are closed in April.

Our Accommodation Picks

Mdonya River Camp

Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve is one of Africa’s largest parks, but most of it has been set aside for hunting (unfortunately). The game viewing area open to the public is relatively small, but very rewarding with many predator sightings and excellent boat safaris on the Rufiji River, which is teeming with hippos and crocodiles. If you are lucky you will see lions on the lake shores and encounter wild dogs.



  • Best time to go: June to October
  • High Season: June to October (the tourists area around Rufji River gets quite crowded)
  • Low Season: March, April and May (many lodges close)
  • Best Weather: June to October (little to no rainfall)
  • Worst Weather: March and April (peak of the wet season)


  • Spotting animals is easier, since the congregate around waterholes and rivers and there is less vegetation.
  • It rains very little and most days are sunny.
  • Humidity is lowered and the heat isn’t overpowering
  • Dust and drought are common.
  • Some areas can get quite crowded.


  • Scenery is beautiful and green.
  • Crowds are less in the low season months (March, April and May). Prices might be lowered to attract tourists.
  • It is peak birdwatching time since migratory birds are present.
  • Roads become muddy and hard to travel.
  • Many lodges close from April to May.
  • Heat and humidity can be a burden.

Our Accommodation Picks

Lake Manze Tented Camp
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