Warning: this article is written by a person with a bad physical condition. To clarify the last three words: it has been a while ago since I work out at least once a week due to a well-known excuse of the modern human called lack of time. So my endurance isn’t very good but hey, you only live once. I survived and enjoyed it so you will do too!

Looking for some refreshment? High in the mountains around Chagga village you can admire two wonderful Materuni waterfalls in a jungle environment. Do you prefer a half or a full day visit? You decide! Even if you have a closure trip before your flight, our local guide, Mattias, can arrange it for you. To see them for myself, I packed my backpack and went with him on a daladala on Chagga.

This village is the last one before you enter the Kilimanjaro National Park. On our way, we take the daladala to the centre when we change the vehicle at the bus station in town. We take one with ‘Moshi – Uru’ in the front. During the entire trip, we exchange the busy city for the beautiful nature outside of Moshi. We climbed up onto 1500 meters where you can see breath-taking valleys. Very important before you enter the area is that you have to pay 10.000 TSH. Without this verification, you may not enter the park. If you get caught, you have to pay an extra fee. After registration, enjoy your discovery!



You don’t know which waterfall you should visit first? Follow the trail to the biggest one. It starts off with climbing and walking through corn fields and banana trees. In the valley some farmers are collecting grass as food for the cows and probably some kids would like to join you during your walk. If it’s cloudy, you will see that the clouds will cover the top over the mountains. At that point, you will be located on almost 2000 meters. That’s 1/3 of the Kilimanjaro.

The tricky part lays at the end of your journey. When you see the waterfall from a certain distance, you think ‘oh we are almost there!’ Think again: the more you reach the mountain, the more you will notice that the ground is slippery. Be careful at that! Also, the path where you’re walking on is getting smaller and smaller and sometimes you can’t really see where you need to put your feet because of the leaves. Besides that, some rocks and branches aren’t as steady as they look like it but Mattias will help you through it. The trail seems endless but you will get an amazing view from the waterfall. The only sad point is that you wouldn’t be able to reach the actual spring at the waterfall because the road is simply too dangerous. But believe me, the view make you feel like you’re on the top of the world.



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