About Us

Imagine East Africa; the towering peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, the great migration through the Serengeti, the rich Maasai culture in the Ngorongoro Crater and the white-sandy beaches of Zanzibar – Karibu and welcome to Tanzania! Join us at Tembotamu, ‘the sweet elephant’ for an authentic African experience of safaris, mountain climbs, hikes and treks, and cultural tours.

We, Frank and Sandra, welcome you to Tanzania. Tembotamu is both our home and our way of sharing the riches of this special place. We offer you customized safaris and climbs to make your Tanzanian experience unique. We believe this is your adventure, and go out of our way to make it so.

Our Personal Safari

Tembotamu B&B, Safaris and Treks is the bringing together of our dreams. Frank can share the rich experiences of his home and Sandra can share her passion for hospitality, entertaining, and cooking. Our multinational and multicultural guests enrich our lives on a daily basis.
Frank is of Sukuma and Maasai descent, originally from the Lake Victoria town of Bukoba. Moshi has been his home for many years where he has worked in the tourism industry. He is also a qualified vehicle mechanic, an invaluable skill in this job. Sandra, originally from Wellington, New Zealand, came to Moshi in 2006 with Volunteer Service Abroad (NZ) to work in the environmental sector. After meeting Frank, she decided to make Tanzania her home. Their son Tony was born in 2009 and Tembotamu was started in 2010. We moved to our current location in 2011. Since that time the B&B and its lush garden have grown into our personal oasis to enjoy and share with our guests. In 2015 we added our latest room; Double Under Canvas. Reminiscent of a traditional safari camping tent, this room is fast becoming a favorite with guests. Each year more and more B&B guests enjoy our full safari and climb service. We like to offer a larger than life experience for you. You will go home with new friends and wonderful memories.

How We Like to Do Business

Part of the Family

We are above all, a people business. From the moment you contact us, we bring you into our extended family. You will be staying in our family home, hence a positive and respectful relationship is essential to both our personal and business well being. We will work with you to realize your safari or climb plans. No questions are too big or too small.

Part of Community

Family and community connection are integral to life in Tanzanian. We pride ourselves on keeping that connection alive and well in our home and in our business. We respect all the local communities we visit and operate with, and encourage and support local initiatives in tourism. We only engage the services of reputable local guides and drivers who have demonstrated away of doing business that fits with our family values.

Part of Tanzania

Tanzania is still one of the poorest countries in the world.  Properly implemented, ethical tourism provides a means of economic development while protecting the natural wonders of the country. From our perspective this means:

  • ‘Greening’ our way of business by
    • minimizing our environmental impact at the B&B, and on our safaris and climbs
    • supporting local, sustainable, social initiatives
    • solar and battery backup systems (rather than generators) for emergency  power supply.
  • Acknowledging the social impact of our business
    • We pay our crews and suppliers fairly
    • We provide academic support for the children of our employees
    • We source local produce and products
    • We provide appropriate tipping advice to our clients
    • We provide a special rate to long term volunteers.
    • We support other local businesses with similar philosophies
    • We support the national park system through payment of park fees.
  • Facilitating positive impact from our guests
    • We advise our guests regarding culturally sensitive issues
    • We connect our guests with proven social enterprises/NGOs to make their contribution personal and effective

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